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NANC Working Group Operating Principles

Nov 28-29, 2000 NANC Meeting
NANPA Report
INC Report
LNPA Report
CTIA Minority Report
NIIF Report
Toll Free IMG Report
CIC IMG Report

October 17-18, 2000 NANC Meeting
Oct00 List of Projects
Oct00 ITN Outline
Oct00 ITN Report - Final
Oct00 Letter to FCC
Oct00 NRO Report
Oct00 INC Report
Oct00 LNPA Report
Oct00 NOWG Report
Oct00 Toll Free IMG Report
Oct00 Wireline Wireless Integration Report
Oct00 NANPA Report

September 19-20, 2000 NANC Meeting
Reservations Letter
Reservations Extension Letter
CIC Letter
Sept00 NRO Report
Sept00 CRWG Report
Sept00 LNPA WG Report
Sept00 NANPA Report
LLC Report

July 18-19, 2000 NANC Meeting
Jul00 NRO Report
List of NANC Projects
July00 NANPA Report
CA Pooling Matrix

June 20-21, 2000 NANC Meeting
Jun00 NRO Report
List of NANC Projects
NOWG Report
NANPA Report
Blank Pooling Matrix
Secondary Number Definitions

May 22-23, 2000 NANC Meeting
NANPE IMG Assumptions
NRO Report
NANPA Report to NANC
    COCUS Presentation
    NPA Exhaust Projections
    Rationed vs. Non-Rationed Exhaust
INC report
    Letter to FCC
NOWG Evaluation of NANPA
LNPA WG Report
WNPSC report
    Issues List

April 25-26, 2000 NANC Meeting
List of NANC Projects
NANPA Report To The NANC
FCC Order
Charging for Numbering
California Pooling Matrix

Spacing image
March 21-22, 2000 NANC Meeting
List of NANC Projects
NANPA Report To The NANC
810 Letter

February 22-23, 2000 NANC Meeting
List of NANC Projects
NANPA Report
NRO Report:
    Maine Matrix (207_1-17)
    Illinois Matrix 1 Feb 2000
    Illinois Matrix 2 Feb 2000
    NRO Report to the NANC Feb 2000
NOWG Report
Cost Recovery Report
NPA 810 Article

January 18-19, 2000 NANC Meeting
NANPA Report
Dec. 99 NPA Exhaust Report
NRO Report to the NANC
Pooling Trial Summary Report Matrix
Letter on NeuStar Finalized Transaction Agreement
GTE Contribution to INC on UNP


Cost Recovery Group
January 11, 2000 Mtg. Minutes
January 25, 2000 Mtg. Minutes

NANPA Oversight Working Group

NRO Working Group

LNPA Working Group

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