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June 30, 2016 NANC Meeting

Jul16 NANC Letter concerning the NANPA and PA 2015 Annual Performance Evaluation

Jul16 2015 NANPA Performance Evaluation - Final

Jul16 2015 PA Performance Evaluation - Final

Jul16 NANC Letter on 2016-2017 Contribution Factor

Jun16 PA Report

Jun16 DRAFT 2016 NANPA Performance Report

Jun16 DRAFT 2016 PA Performance Report

Jun16 BC Agent Report

Jun16 BCWG Report

Jun16 FoN Report

Jun16 IP IMG Report

Jun16 IP IMG Tracking Document

Jun16 NAPM LLC Report

Jun16 NOWG Report

Jun16 TFNA Report

Jun16 TOM Report

Jun16 LNPA WG Report

Jun16 INC Report

Jun16 NANPA Report

May16 NNP Report (zipped file)

Jun16 Letter to NANC Chair on Nationwide Portability


March 24, 2016 NANC Meeting

Mar16 NANC Working Group Appointments

Mar16 LNPA Transition Role

Mar16 BC Agent Report

Mar16 BCWG Report

Mar16 FoN Report

Mar16 INC Report

Mar16 NAPM LLC Report

Mar16 NOWG Report

Mar16 TFNA Report

Mar16 TOM Report

Mar16 LNPA WG Report

Mar16 NANPA Report

Mar16 NTCA Letter to NANC on NGNP

Mar16 PA Report

Feb16 NANC Interim NNP Report

Feb16 LNPA NNP Report

Feb15 NOWG NNP Report

Feb16 FoN Interim NNP Report

Mar16 NANC Letter on LNP Flows





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Future of Numbering

April 6, 2016 FoN Meeting Notes

April 15, 2016 FoN Report on Nationwide Number Portability

February 23, 2016 FoN Meeting Notes

February 3, 2016 FoN Quarterly Meeting Notes

January 22, 2016 FoN Meeting Notes

January 12, 2016 FoN Meeting Notes


Numbering Oversight Working Group

January 15, 2016 NANPA/NOWG Meeting Notes

January 15, 2016 PA/NOWG Meeting Notes

February 16, 2016 NANPA/NOWG Meeting Notes

February 16, 2016 PA/NOWG Meeting Notes


B&C Working Group

June 14, 2016 BCWG Meeting Notes

May 24, 2016 BCWG Meeting Notes

April 26, 2016 BCWG Meeting Notes

April 5, 2016 BCWG Meeting Notes

February 23, 2016 BCWG Meeting Notes

January 12, 2016 BCWG Meeting Notes


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